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Empowering Journeys: Experience Growth, Autonomy, and Ownership in Klook’s Collaborative and Supportive Culture

Klook co-founders Eric Gnock Fah, Ethan Lin and Bernie Xiaokang Xiong (left to right)

In an era where corporate culture is under constant scrutiny, Klook emerges as a trailblazer, offering professionals not just a workplace, but a thriving ecosystem for dynamic growth in the ever-evolving travel industry. Beyond the clichés, Klook’s unique culture fosters collaboration and support, creating an environment where joy thrives as a shared passion for travel unites its vibrant community of professionals.

At the heart of Klook’s success is a set of guiding principles of the organization and how employees act, behave and think on a daily basis – defined by four core beliefs embodied in the acronym PATH: Push Boundaries, Ask For and Give Feedback, Take Ownership, and Help Each Other. 

Delving into the heartbeat of Klook’s vibrant corporate culture, we had the privilege of hearing from Nathan Szabo, General Manager of Europe, Middle East and Americas. He eloquently unfolds the profound impact of Klook’s values on his professional journey. “It’s more than just a statement, ‘Bringing the world closer together through experiences’, it’s our shared commitment and guiding force. This mission serves as our constant reminder, propelling us forward in the dynamic realm of travel and experiences. It’s the cornerstone that redefines not just what we do, but why we are here, steering us towards meaningful contributions in this fast-evolving industry.”

The Power of Feedback

Feedback, often seen as a daunting process in many companies, is a catalyst for growth at Klook. Cary Shek, VP, People & Culture, emphasized its significance: “Here, feedback is not a formality; it’s our compass for continuous improvement. It’s reassuring to know that our voice is valued, and constructive feedback not only supports personal and professional development, but also the progress of our company.”

Klook values diversity and fosters a welcoming, inclusive, and innovative workplace.

Global Unity Through Diversity

At Klook, diversity is necessary for the company’s success as a global travel and experience platform. The diverse workforce functions as an enabler, contributing varied perspectives that fuel innovation. The organization actively celebrates differences and promotes understanding. Employees regularly participate in cross-cultural activities and celebrate global and local occasions – from International Women’s Day and World Mental Health Day, to Lunar New Year and Eid al-Fitr. It’s not just about coexisting; it’s about learning from one another and opening their minds to become better global citizens.

One of Klook’s strengths is its ability to unite teams across different regions to achieve company goals and drive business growth, showing that “Help Each Other” is more than just a slogan; it’s a way of life.

The Culture of Ownership

Klook’s culture empowers individuals to take ownership of their work and career, regardless of their level or experience. The concept of ownership isn’t confined to leadership; even interns are encouraged to embrace it.

The six-month internship experience Lisa Wong, their former Global Marketing Brand Intern, had was a case in point. She was heavily involved in the company’s 9th birthday mega campaign, when she had to secure buy-ins from project stakeholders and saw her ideas come to life. Through communicating with various market leads and teams as well as juggling multiple campaigns during the period, she sharpened her skills in stakeholder management and project management. 

What sets Klook apart in the travel and experiences industry?

In a bid to reignite the travel fervor among Klook employees with the resurgence of travel, the Klook Workcation initiative was conceptualized. This unique endeavor, blending work and vacation into one, allows Klookers to embark on journeys to Klook office destinations and their surrounding areas. What sets this initiative apart is the commitment to not only explore new locales but also to connect with colleagues in person, fostering deeper bonds and shared experiences.

What emerges from this distinctive offering is a sense of enrichment and closeness among Klookers. Local colleagues voluntarily step into the role of tour guides, providing insights and showcasing their home regions, thereby fostering a unique form of camaraderie.

Beyond these meaningful workcations, the return of international travel opportunities has opened up new horizons for Klook employees. They are now actively participating in travel events and roadshows across diverse regions. One notable example involves multilingual Klookers from the Korea team, who were deployed to support the Taipei Tourism Expo. Armed with Mandarin language proficiency, they skillfully guided booth visitors through in-app bookings and addressed inquiries related to Klook’s offerings in the Korean market.

This collaborative cross-team and cross-market approach is not only closing knowledge gaps among different teams, but also uniting Klookers in pursuit of a shared goal.

As the world rediscovers the joy of travel and connection, Klookers lead the way in showing that work and wanderlust can coexist. It’s a compelling invitation to step outside your comfort zone, enrich your life, and forge meaningful connections with colleagues and clients alike. Would you like to explore the Klookiverse yourself?