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Bridging Centuries: Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Timeless Odyssey into Modernity


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has long been associated with an ancient, mystic image – wooden floorboards, baizi cabinet, and herbal aromas wafting through the air. However, for Beijing Tong Ren Tang, one of the oldest TCM brands globally, adaptation and evolution have been integral to its enduring success.

Historical Roots and Contemporary Evolution

Established in 1669 during the Qing Dynasty in China, Beijing Tong Ren Tang’s journey spans over 350 years. Reinventing itself over time, the brand entered Singapore in 2003 through a joint venture with Science Arts Co Pte Ltd. Mr. Tan Lee Huak, Vice President of the joint venture, emphasized the brand’s commitment to expanding to younger demographics.

Appealing to the Modern Consumer

Recognizing the potential misconception of TCM as antiquated, Beijing Tong Ren Tang actively targets the younger generation. Over a third of its Singaporean clientele are under 40, signifying a growing awareness and appeal among the youth. The brand’s strategic move into global markets, including Sweden and Dubai, reinforces its commitment to staying relevant across diverse cultures.

Innovations Beyond Tradition

In terms of R&D, Beijing Tong Ren Tang Group in Beijing (BTRT Group), the headquarter of Beijing Tong Ren Tang, has established a complete system that includes a national engineering center and a postdoctoral research station in China. Since 2016, Beijing Tong Ren Tang has developed 265 new products, among which, Morinda Officinalis Oligosaccharide Capsule, as the first TCM for depression treatment, won the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award in China. BTRT Group is dedicated to innovating techniques to help address challenges facing the industry and improve the automation of TCM production.



Commitment to Quality and Detail

Guided by the codes of corporate conduct from the ancient times, “No manpower shall be spared, no matter how complicated the procedures of production are”, “No material shall be reduced, no matter how much the cost is,” Beijing Tong Ren Tang maintains a meticulous approach to production ensuring quality from inception. BTRT Group has 36 production bases and over 100 modern production lines that can produce more than 2600 medicines and healthcare food in six categories and 20 types. Many of its TCM are household names, such as Angong Niuhuang Wan, Tongren Niuhuang Qingxin Wan, Baifeng Wan, Sporoderm Broken Ganoderma Lucateum Spores Powder Capsules.

Digital Expansion and Accessibility

Embracing the digital age, Beijing Tong Ren Tang is now available on platforms like Food Panda and its official website (www.tongrentang.com.sg). The inclusion of food supplements, medications, and ready-to-eat products ensures a broader reach and new opportunities in the digital landscape.

From serving dynastic emperors to adopting AI and e-commerce, Beijing Tong Ren Tang exemplifies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. As the brand expands globally, its commitment to promoting the benefits of traditional Chinese ingredients remains unwavering. In a world where TCM meets big data and modern sensibilities, Beijing Tong Ren Tang stands as a paragon of quality and heritage, inviting consumers to trust in the excellence of this time-tested brand and TCM culture.