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Aspial Lifestyle, Klook and INCOME Insurance: Leading the Way in Employee Engagement


SINGAPORE, 16 APRIL 2024 – Today’s work environment has undergone a profound transformation, adapting to the new normal of remote work, flexible arrangements, and an increased focus on employee happiness and retention. In Southeast Asia, this shift is particularly evident, with companies in Singapore and the region setting new standards for workplace dynamics.


Klookers from all around the world

Klook, a forward-thinking player in the travel and leisure industry, envisions the future of human capital in a corporate landscape characterised by rapid change. According to recent workforce studies, adaptability and responsiveness are deemed paramount in navigating the evolving professional landscape. Klook’s human capital strategy aligns with this understanding, emphasising strategic advisory roles close to the business and valuing the input of their workforce. Notably, data from industry reports underlines the heightened competition for talent, prompting Klook to consistently invest in employer branding efforts, even during periods with limited hiring due to external factors like the COVID-19 pandemic.

With over 1,700 employees across 30 global locations, the company’s intentional focus on employee engagement, backed by survey data and feedback tools, reflects a concerted effort to remain attuned to the needs of their workforce. These initiatives, informed by systematic analysis and discussions at various organisational levels, showcase Klook’s commitment to continuous improvement and the creation of a resilient and thriving workforce in an ever-changing professional landscape.

Delving into the heartbeat of Klook’s vibrant corporate culture, we had the privilege of hearing from Nathan Szabo, General Manager of Europe, Middle East and Americas. He eloquently unfolds the profound impact of Klook’s values on his professional journey. “It’s more than just a statement, ‘Bringing the world closer together through experiences’, it’s our shared commitment and guiding force.”

Aspial Lifestyle

Aspialites celebrating Valentine’s Day in the office

Aspial envisions the future of human capital by adapting to changing workforce dynamics, recognizing varying needs, and prioritising work-life harmony. Initiatives include constant engagement through diverse channels, efficiency improvements through automation, and technology-enabled tools. Emphasising a people-centric approach with flexible work arrangements, progressive benefits, and well-being initiatives aligns with evolving workforce expectations. To maintain competitiveness, Aspial fosters a growth mindset, prioritises employee engagement through a dedicated app and surveys, and emphasises internal talent development.

Progressive benefits such as a 4.5-day work week, flexi-time policies, and hybrid-work arrangements reflect the organisation’s commitment to employee well-being. Corporate social responsibility initiatives, including education awards and Aspial Cares day, contribute to a sense of purpose. Regular salary benchmarking and performance-based bonuses underscore Aspial’s commitment to remaining market competitive. Overall, these initiatives reflect Aspial’s proactive approach to shaping a workplace that attracts, engages, and retains top talent in an evolving corporate landscape.

At the core of Aspial Lifestyle’s success lies its unique approach to corporate culture. The Aspial Leadership Framework, launched in 2022, places emphasis on hearts and minds, bringing appreciation, care, and empathy to the workplace. The company introduced the Children’s Education Award in 2023, exemplifying its commitment to supporting employees’ families. “Our people are our greatest asset, and their well-being is a priority,” affirms Jocelyn Chan, HR Director. “By fostering a sense of belonging and providing tangible support, we aim to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and inspired.”

INCOME Insurance

INCOME Insurance’s Digital Transformation Office showcasing their innovative insurance solutions at InsureTech Connect Asia 2023

INCOME Insurance, one of the leading composite insurers in Singapore, spearheads innovative approaches to shape the future of human capital in the corporate world, focusing on tech-enabled and data-driven methods, personalised learning, and employee engagement. Embracing automation and agile methodologies, the company ensures its workforce stays ahead in customer-centricity and technological advancements. Through a 70:20:10 learning model, cross-functional projects, and a curated digital curriculum, Income Insurance promotes continuous learning, providing flexibility and diverse opportunities for employees.

The organisation’s commitment to a culture of engagement includes gamification and collaborative tools, enhancing workplace experiences and soft skills development. Recognizing the changing talent landscape, Income Insurance prioritises skill-based hiring, fostering a growth mindset, and investing in specialist skills training. The company’s emphasis on purposeful work, aligned with positive social impact, underscores its dedication to a resilient and future-ready workforce.

INCOME Insurance transforms diversity into a well-orchestrated symphony of collaboration. Workshops, cross-functional projects, and innovative initiatives like IdeaSmash converge different departments and generations. In this harmonious blend, a collaborative and inclusive work environment emerges, ensuring that each note contributes to the company’s crescendo of success. Angie Ng, Chief People Officer, said: “At INCOME Insurance, we value bottom-up innovation and encourage our employees to voice out their ideas through various platforms like IdeaSmash, our internal hackathon, that helps to foster a culture of innovation.” 

The impact of agility: How to shape your organization to compete | McKinsey
Source: McKinsey & Co. website

Agile Transformation Offices (ATOs) are pivotal in driving cultural change and ensuring the lasting adoption of agile principles within organizations. In a recent article by McKinsey & Co. on “Why an agile transformation office is your ticket to real and lasting impacts” reveals that with a clear mandate encompassing defining the transformation roadmap, building capabilities, coaching senior leaders, and refining best practices, ATOs play a crucial role in shaping organizational structures.

As organizations navigate evolving market landscapes, ATOs offer a structured approach to drive real and lasting impact by leveraging expertise, fostering cultural change, and aligning with organizational goals. Their role in championing agility becomes increasingly indispensable in an era where adaptability and efficiency are paramount, providing organizations with the necessary framework to successfully navigate agile transformations.

In conclusion, these top employers in Singapore are not just adapting to the new normal; they are actively shaping and transforming the workforce landscape. Their innovative initiatives, commitment to employee well-being, and focus on sustainability set the stage for a more dynamic and resilient future of work in the region.

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