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Income Insurance: Developing a Future-Ready, Sustainable Workforce – Embedding Innovation and Agile Ways of Working to Build Resilience


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The HR team at HR Asia’s award presentation with CEO, Mr Andrew Yeo

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate dynamism, one company stands out with its people-first approach to employee engagement and developing its workforce – Income Insurance. As we delve into the intricacies of their corporate tapestry, the business astuteness at play becomes increasingly evident.

Decoding Engagement in a Unique Manner

Income Insurance’s commitment to employee engagement transcends conventional boundaries. Recognising the individuality of each employee, the organisation empowers its workforce to chart their own professional trajectory. From proposing personalised training programmes to outlining their career growth aspirations, employees play an active role in shaping their path within the company. The engagement narrative further unfolds through activities like “Income Gives Back” – the company’s volunteering initiative, department retreats, and festive gatherings, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among employees.

The Digital Symphony: OrangeBeats and Linkedin

In the digital age, effective communication is paramount. Income Insurance orchestrates its internal communications through the resonating OrangeBeats. The intranet portal houses institutional news, business updates, and materials, as well as a regular cadence of corporate and people-centric content, which is also reflected on its Linkedin page. The choice of these platforms reflects the company’s strategic alignment with the contemporary pulse of digital interaction and the importance of flexible consumption across different channels.

Fostering Collaboration in Diversity

Income Insurance transforms diversity into a well-orchestrated symphony of collaboration. Workshops, cross-functional projects, and innovative initiatives like IdeaSmash converge different departments and generations. In this harmonious blend, a collaborative and inclusive work environment emerges, ensuring that each note contributes to the company’s crescendo of success. Angie Ng, Chief People Officer, said: “At Income Insurance, we value bottom-up innovation and encourage our employees to voice out their ideas through various platforms like IdeaSmash, our internal hackathon, that helps to foster a culture of innovation. It is inspiring to see the creative solutions and processes that our employees come up with, and the best part is hearing about employees’ positive experiences and sense of belonging to an organisation that is willing to listen to ideas generated from the employees and act on them where possible. “ 

Income Insurance’s Digital Transformation Office showcasing their innovative insurance solutions at InsureTech Connect Asia 2023

Diversity and Inclusion: A Data-Driven Odyssey

Income Insurance’s commitment to diversity and inclusion takes an analytical turn. By fostering a data-driven learning culture, the company takes on a pragmatic and needs-based approach to develop the future-ready capabilities of their workforce and ensure that they stay relevant, building knowledge in new domains.

The company’s data curriculum, initiated in 2021, ushers employees through workshops on data visualisation, Artificial Intelligence comprehension, and making data-driven decisions. The journey continues with design thinking workshops, fostering adaptability, nimbleness, and innovative problem-solving skills.

The Future Unveiled: Building a Community of Learners

As Income Insurance continuously develops the future-ready capabilities of its workforce, the focus extends beyond the immediate horizon. Digital skills, personal effectiveness, and leadership capabilities become the compass points for the company’s trajectory. 

Income Insurance doesn’t just offer policies; it cultivates an environment where employees are not mere workers but integral contributors to the company’s success. This commitment to fostering a thriving workplace is evident in the company’s innovative learning and development initiatives. In a world where the dynamics of skills are ever-evolving, Income Insurance takes centre stage, providing its workforce with continuous learning opportunities. The company’s vision for a future-ready workforce is not just a statement; it’s a strategic investment. Income Insurance’s dedication to upskilling its employees exemplifies how the company not only adapts to the present but anticipates the needs of the future, ensuring that its workforce is ready to navigate any uncertainties they may face.