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COVID-19 Crisis: The Time to Reassess and Contextualise Our Priorities


“Never let a good crisis go to waste” – Winston Churchill 

In moving on from a crisis and definitive year like 2020, many organisations give priority to regaining normalcy. This behaviour of organisations mirrors the tendency of individuals to flee towards and grab hold of any sense of familiarity. In many of these cases, important learnings are neglected and gone to waste. 

Weeks before the year concluded, C-Suite leaders from leading companies were asked to share their reflections and learnings through an interview conducted by Influential Brands. 

The five executives: Mr Magnus Ekbom (Co-Founder and Chief of Strategy at Lazada), Mr Lien Choong Luen (General Manager of Gojek Singapore), Mr Hari V Krishnan (CEO & Managing Director of PropertyGuru Group), Mr Nils Swolkien (Managing Director of Decathlon Singapore), and Mr Walter de Oude (Deputy Chairman of Aviva Singlife) extended words of wisdom on what it takes to lead even amidst those challenging and extraordinary times, as they recount their own experience.

Hear from Magnus Ekbom, Co-Founder and Chief of Strategy at Lazada share with us tenets that will help leaders hold the course even in times of crisis:

Hear from Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore set first things first – what comes before business growth?

Hear from Hari V Krishnan, CEO & Managing Director of PropertyGuru Group share with us on how leaders can adopt healthy lenses through his personal leadership approaches:

Hear from Nils Swolkien, Managing Director of Decathlon Singapore share with us on what it takes to progress personally and professionally – taking calculated risks.

Hear from Walter de Oude, Executive Director & Deputy Chairman of Singlife share with us a well-rounded approach at work:

The video series “Leaders of Change” is sponsored by Influential Brands as part of its efforts to promote Thought Leadership in Asia.